RUBIA TIR 7900 Designed to meet the requirements of 2007 on engines equipped with after treatment systems . Answer the very severe technical constraints of the new Low Sulfer , Low Emission Diesel engines . API CJ-4  ACEA E9/E7-04

RUBIA TIR 7400 15W-40, Very high performance lubricant for diesel engines. Developed for very severe technical constraints of the new low emission diesel engines. Suitable for EURO 5 engines and previous except MAN and DAF. API CI-4 /SL , ACEA E5 / E7

RUBIA XT 15W/40 and 20W/50 Developed for all diesel engines in severe service conditions in all seasons. API CF-4 / SJ ACEA E2

RUBIA CF-2 40 is a high performance, low ash engine crankcase oil specially developed for use in Detroit Diesel Corporation (DDC) two-cycle diesel engines. CF-2, CF / SF SAE 40

RUBIA S, Suitable for all Diesel stationary engines (energy production).Also suitable for gear boxes, torque converters, hydraulic systems when the manufacturer requires an engine oil with an appropriate grade for these applications, available in SAE 10,30,40 and 50

MULTAGRI SUPER 15W40 Universal Farm Oil is specially developed to serve all of a farmer’s oil needs.
It meets the requirements for modern engines and transmissions, including both manual and powershift types.

Petro-Canada DURON SYNTHETIC is a full synthetic all season heavy duty engine oil specially formulated to promote maximum reliability and minimum wear, particularly in extreme temperature conditions. DURON SYNTHETIC is specially formulated with a Mack EO-N Premium Plus additive system in combination with Petro-Canada’s patented 99% pure HT processed synthetic base fluids. DURON SYNTHETIC is formulated to comfortably exceed the highest standards for 4-stroke cycle diesel engine oils and can be used in extended oil drain interval service.

TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 CI 10W/40 Very high performance lubricant for Diesel engines based upon a synthetic technology. Particularly suitable for the lubrication of the latest generation Diesel engines developed by European manufacturers. Can handle the most demanding applications.

TOTAL RUBIA 7400 CI 15W/40 Super premium diesel engine oil especially formulated to provide outstanding protection to modern, high performance diesel engines used in toughest on and off highway applications including those with EGR systems as well as satisfying the needs of older engines.

TOTAL RUBIA S 10,30,40,50 Rubia S is suitable for all turbocharged and normally aspirated Diesel engines to API CF, also suitable for gear boxes, torque converters, hydraulic systems when the manufacturer requires an engine oil with an appropriate grade for these applications.

DYNATRANS MPV  Lubricant for wet disk brake transmissions and hydraulic systems for agricultural
tractors and Public Works or handling equipment.

AZOLLA ZS    Very high performance hydraulic oils

LithPlex 2  (Blue) Tac are premium, high melting point, lithium complex greases available as NLGI 2  consistency. They are high temperature greases and have been designed to meet the demands of the most hostile grease applications and conditions.