TOTAL RUBIA TIR 8600 CI 10W/40 Very high performance lubricant for Diesel engines based upon a synthetic technology. Particularly suitable for the lubrication of the latest generation Diesel engines developed by European manufacturers. Can handle the most demanding applications.

TOTAL RUBIA 7400 CI 15W/40 Super premium diesel engine oil especially formulated to provide outstanding protection to modern, high performance diesel engines used in toughest on and off highway applications including those with EGR systems as well as satisfying the needs of older engines.

TOTAL RUBIA S 10,30,40,50 Rubia S is suitable for all turbocharged and normally aspirated Diesel engines to API CF, also suitable for gear boxes, torque converters, hydraulic systems when the manufacturer requires an engine oil with an appropriate grade for these applications.

Petro-Canada DURON SYNTHETIC is a full synthetic all season heavy duty engine oil specially formulated to promote maximum reliability and minimum wear, particularly in extreme temperature conditions. DURON SYNTHETIC is specially formulated with a Mack EO-N Premium Plus additive system in combination with Petro-Canada’s patented 99% pure HT processed synthetic base fluids. DURON SYNTHETIC is formulated to comfortably exceed the highest standards for 4-stroke cycle diesel engine oils and can be used in extended oil drain interval service.


TOTAL TRANSMISSION AC 10W-30-50 is oil specially adapted to the lubrication of powershift transmissions, rear axle’s hydraulic systems which equip civil works machines and trucks when Caterpillar TO-4 OR Allison C4 is required.

 oil for transmission systems, hydraulic circuits and oil bath disc brakes fitted to agricultural tractor and construction and handling machinery.

TOTAL OIL  AZOLLA ZS  HYDRAULIC FLUID Designed for use in all kind of hydraulic systems running under the most difficult conditions, such as in machine tools, mould injection machines, presses and other industrial or mobile equipment ISO 32,46,68.

Petro-Canada SYNTHETIC BLEND Automatic Transmission Fluid is formulated using a combination of our own Very High Viscosity Index (VHVI) Synthetic Base Fluids, our HT Severely Hydro cracked Base Oils and leading edge additive chemistry. It meets the latest specifications of Ford and General Motors, including Allison Transmission Division, for their automotive automatic transmission fluids, namely, MERCON® V, MERCON®, DEXRON® III and Allison C-4. It is also suitable for a wide range of other vehicles Including European and Asian models which specify these fluid credentials.

Petro-Canada ATF TYPE F ATF Type F differs from ATF Dexron III in its frictional properties, as they relate to design, meets Ford Specification ESW-M2C33-F

Petro-Canada ENVIRON AW HYDRAULIC FLUIDS are designed for use in mobile and stationary applications in environmentally sensitive locations


LITH-PLEX TAC Blue EP2 are premium, high melting point, lithium complex greases available as NLGI 2 & 3 consistency. They are high temperature greases and have been designed to meet the demands of the most hostile grease applications and conditions.

LITH-PLEX 2 MOLY 3% + Tac is a premium, high melting point, lithium complex NLGI 2 grease. It is a high temperature grease and has been designed to meet the demands of the most hostile grease applications and conditions. It contains 3% by weight of Molybdenum Disulphide or MOLY to provide extra protection against wear and tear.

LITHTAC EP 2 (Red) Tac is premium lithium soap thickened grease formulated with hi-tech extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) additive technology. It is multi-service grease suitable for use in both automotive and industrial applications. In addition to its EP and anti-wear characteristics it will also provide a high level of oxidation, rust and water washout protection.