Manufacturing and Industrial

TOTAL OIL  AZOLLA ZS  HYDRAULIC FLUID Designed for use in all kind of hydraulic systems running under the most difficult conditions, such as in machine tools, mould injection machines, presses and other industrial or mobile equipment ISO 32,46,68.

Petro-Canada ENVIRON AW HYDRAULIC FLUIDS are designed for use in mobile and stationary applications in environmentally sensitive locations


LITH-PLEX TAC Blue EP2 are premium, high melting point, lithium complex greases available as NLGI 2 & 3 consistency. They are high temperature greases and have been designed to meet the demands of the most hostile grease applications and conditions.

LITH-PLEX 2 MOLY 3% + Tac is a premium, high melting point, lithium complex NLGI 2 grease. It is a high temperature grease and has been designed to meet the demands of the most hostile grease applications and conditions. It contains 3% by weight of Molybdenum Disulphide or MOLY to provide extra protection against wear and tear.

LITHTAC EP 2 (Red) Tac is a premium lithium soap thickened grease formulated with hi-tech extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear (AW) additive technology. It is a multi-service grease suitable for use in both automotive and industrial applications. In addition to its EP and anti-wear characteristics it will also provide a high level of oxidation, rust and water washout protection.

Petro-Canada’s PURITY* FG Grease is an advanced food grade lubricant specially formulated to deliver superior performance and food grade purity under the highly demanding conditions of food processing operations.


Petro Canada SYNDURO SHB family of synthetic multifunctional fluids is specially formulated for the lubrication of gears and bearings operating under demanding conditions. Polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils, chosen for their excellent low temperature performance, are blended with selected additives to produce these superior lubricants. SYNDURO SHB fluids provide excellent component protection for equipment operating at high speed over a wide temperature range during extended service intervals. In new equipment, SYNDURO SHB fluids meet or exceed OEM requirements where synthetic lubricants are recommended. In older equipment, SYNDURO SHB provides superior anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection for high speed gears and bearings operating at maximum capacity.

Petro-Canada Ultima Synthetic EP are premium performance, extreme pressure lubricants designed for enclosed industrial gears and bearings operating under severe loading conditions or in wide extremes of temperature Ultima Synthetic EP are formulated using advanced synthetic base oils and additives technologies to deliver reduced friction, superior low temperature fluidity and outstanding oxidative and thermal stability for extended fluid and component life. Ultima Synthetic EP enhances gear box efficiency over a wide temperature range and can reduce power consumption.

Petro-Canada’s PURITY* FG WO oils are ultra pure, food grade white mineral oils specially formulated for food processing, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. Using the patented HT purity process, Petro-Canada produces 99.9% pure, crystal clear white mineral oils – the purest in the world. Blended with a stabilizer for extended shelf life, PURITY* FG WO oils are ideally suited for applications that require a straight, non-toxic white mineral oil


Petro-Canada’s COMPRO* XL-S Compressor Fluid is a premium quality lubricant specifically designed to extend fluid service life in rotary screw air compressor applications. formulated with a blend of 99.9% pure base oils.

Petro-Canada’s COMPRO* Synthetic Compressor Fluid is a premium quality lubricant specifically designed for rotary screw compressors running at very high or very low temperatures, or in severe service applications where there can be no risk of varnish or carbon residue on compressor components. COMPRO Synthetic is formulated from a custom blend of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and ester fluids, and is fortified with anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives.